Join the Spec Con server at https://discord.gg/d3Cwk2U and go to the #questions channel to ask your questions. They will be answered there and here. first though, we have a FAQ:

First, some general questions and their answers:

1. Q: When is the next Spec Con?

A: You can look in #announcements for the answer. As of pre-the-1st-Spec Con, we are hoping for January 2022, but we don't know exactly when, and we won't for a while still.

2. Q: Where is the next Spec Con?

A: The answer will be posted in both #announcements and #map-layout. You can go to #map-layout for where it is on the map, courtesy of Google Maps. As of pre-the-1st-Spec Con, we are planning to have it at Crossroads Community Church in Edinboro.

3. Q: What is Spec Con?

A: Spec Con is a video gaming convention mostly focused around people on the Autism spectrum. It is split into two main areas, one being a normal convention, and the other a place without very much stimulation; to be a place where people can just sit and talk about stuff.

4. Q: Pricing?

A: We are unsure about it at this point in time. This answer will be updated as soon as we have the right information.

5. Q: Are you sponsored?

A: We do cross-advertising with RFGeneration, and as of pre-the-1st-Spec Con, that's it. Things may change with time, and I will keep this message updated.

6. Q: I want to make x change to the server! I want to make x change to the logo!

A : We are open to suggestions in #server-suggestions.